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The Sumatran Coffee that’s going to Help You Lose Weight

weight loss coffee

A few years ago, in my research towards discovering the products that could help me lose weight and shift my life, I’ve found one that’s in my daily routine since then.

This Sumatran coffee is also empowering my body and mind every morning. I love the energy it gives me, especially if I have a day full of work ahead.

One thing to mention is that I must remind myself to eat when I drink the coffee in the morning, because it suppresses my appetite.


Slimming your Way to a Better Life

Iaso® Café Delgada is a delicious Sumatran instant coffee, powered by the natural strength of a USDA 100%-organic Chaga extract.

Although people do lose weight with the Iaso Tea®, the Delgada coffee is a more effective weight loss product. Simply because it is infused with Chaga extract.

This coffee is known by the Siberians as the “Gift from God” or the “Mushroom of Immortality” because of its healthy properties that have been used as remedies for years.


The Popularity of the Mushroom of Immortality among Humans

The Delgada coffee has a friendly taste and, if it’s consumed daily, it might make you feel and look slimmer.

But its known for more than the popularity in its taste. You will find that it has fewer calories and it contains Garcinia Cambodia, which has shown great results regarding weight loss and appetite control.

Also, when it comes to the ingredients of the Delgada coffee, there are 4 important ones:

Chaga Extract

It is a mushroom cultivated in the northern areas of Europe, Korea, Canada, and U.S. This mushroom has an anti-aging function by neutralizing oxygen-free radicals to prevent the damage to cells and tissues.

Garcinia Cambogia

This is a tree, and its fruit contains chemical hydroxycitric which is used in traditional medicine.

Green Bean Extract

Produced from unroasted coffee beans, the Green Bean Extract affects the body’s metabolism and blood sugar level in a positive manner.

Citrus Aurantium

This product is gained from the immature oranges and it has a positive impact on the way your body metabolizes fat.


The Story of the Coffee with a Soul

The place where this coffee comes from is splendid. Because thousands of years ago this place was exposed to volcanic explosions, the soil is fertile. Anything can be grown there, from cocoa to cinnamon, from rice to spices – everything that comes to your mind.

In Sumatra, the coffee is grown in backyards. Imagine the traditional houses, with wavy roofs, surrounded by crops of coffee.

Also, as a fun fact, in their culture, when you buy something and want to leave tips, you actually leave “coffee money”. The Sumatran culture is so connected to coffee it is part of their daily life.

Besides their culture, there is another amazing thing: their community. Empowered by the women’s effort of keeping it all together, the coffee industry is growing and growing every day.

If you will ever have the chance to visit the Sumatran places, you should taste the coffee served by a Shaman. Most travelers say that the friendliness of the locals is part of the taste of the coffee.

Having in mind the powerful Sumatran culture, you have to know it will always impact the taste of the coffee, no matter how much the locals are testing the processing methods.

But their processing methods matter in some fundamental ways. A coffee bean grown in Sumatra that is processed in a wet-hulling manner is going to taste different than the same kind of bean, but differently processed.

If you’ll ever have the chance to taste the Sumatran coffee processed in different countries, you will be able to notice the difference in taste and categorize them by their flavor.

There is no doubt this coffee is special and, for sure, who said this is a coffee with a soul was right!

Frankly speaking, I guess that’s why this coffee is so popular in the end. Its soul merges with your soul and you feel like you can face anything during your day, no matter how big the obstacles may be.


The TLC Concept Embraces the Sumatran Culture

Besides the fact that the Delgada Coffee has changed our life, we embrace the joy of drinking the coffee together.

In the past couple of years, just as this product helped me to lose weight and shift my life, it helped Total Life Changes to become a grown and devoted community.

It’s not about the taste or the smell, it’s about the mindfulness power it gives us to keep on going, as a group of passionate individuals, towards our objectives.

We’re not only Drinking Coffee, we’re Setting and Achieving Objectives

Just like any other team out there, we have a strong vision about our life and daily lifestyle.

Enjoying one product and talking about it, is like when you are an accountant and you’re using Excel (or some other office tool) to keep track of your work and go towards achieving your objectives.

We are using what we are developing to stay focused on our happiness. And the most powerful thing is that, when you are so deeply connected to your team, they become your family. Their happiness becomes your happiness.

I don’t know if you have ever experienced this, but it’s like you’ve found your soulmate and you are conscious about it.


Do you Want to Lose Weight?

Join me on my journey.  You can watch me every step of the on my website Give Me The Tea.

For sure, you can buy the product by yourself and drink it every day. But losing weight is not about consuming a product – it’s about shifting your mindset to a positive daily lifestyle.

There is power in numbers.  So, let us do this together.  One dream, one team, one love!


To sum it up, here are some conclusions:

  • Consumed daily, the Delgada coffee can help you lose weight;
  • This product is a delicious instant coffee, also known as the “Gift of God”;
  • The Sumatran cultureis what makes this coffee so great;
  • Joining us on givemethetea.comcan help you stay focused on your personal objectives – such as losing weight and helping others reach their goals as well

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