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How To Earn More Money

Earn Money

This article is written for all the moms out there that are looking for time freedom and more money in their bank accounts. Don’t get me wrong, dads can benefit from this information too.

So, why then did I single out mothers?  If you’re a mom, you know how society is saying that “women are earning less money than men”. Do you desire to have financial independence? This article will help you, especially if you’re a single mom or a house mom.

What is an MLM? Why you should be open-minded about it?

An MLM is a multi-level marketing company and its major structure is built on a team building principle.

It’s multi-level because it’s based on levels represented by the day you join and the person who invited you inside that company. It is also about marketing the product or service that is being sold.

Also, knowing there are people that are earning a six-figure and even a seven-figure income is another reason for you to keep your mind open to this business structure.  I know this was one factor that made me take a closer look at my options with MLMs.

I’m saying this because there are lots of people that haven’t even tried to be part of a company, developed around the MLM concept but still they truly believe it’s something negative. They are lead to believe it’s some sort of pyramid or get rich quick scheme.  People are told that only the people at the top make money.  Frankly that only comes from two kinds of people. 1. Those that have tried it but failed (not because of the company but because of something they did or didn’t do correctly) and 2. Those that never tried but simply listen to hearse.

The truth is MLM companies are real and they work.  It’s like anything else in life-you get out what you put in.  Let’s think of it like a relationship.  If you don’t give it your all more than likely your mate will end it.  If that is the case will you give up on love completely? Of course not!  You’d move on and hopefully give more effort in your next relationship.  Well, the same holds true for traditional and MLM businesses.  If you want to become successful, you need to change your perspective and consider the changes you must make in order to make it work.

When you open a business, you need to:

–    Invest money to open the business

–    Invest money into paying rent

–    Invest money for employees and inventory

The list could go on and on and after all of this most businesses still fail in their 1st year.

With MLM you don’t have to pay so much upfront.  Also, you don’t have to have special training, skills, or education.  So, you have a greater chance at success with much less of the upfront risk and investment. Again I will tell you many fail in this industry too.  However, wouldn’t it be easier to rebound after making a $40 investment for an MLM vs a million dollar investment for a McDonalds?

Another advantage is more than likely you will be doing your traditional business alone but with MLM you working with a team from day one.  It’s about leveraging your and other people’s time for a common goal.

There is actual work that needs to be done.  It won’t happen tomorrow if you start today – EVER.  No matter what kind of business you start.  Let me advise you now to run away-far far away from anyone that tells you otherwise.  It is work, but it does pay off if you stay the course.

That’s why it’s important to have the long-term perspective. You need clear concise goalswhen you make a commitment, whether it is opening a traditional business or joining an MLM. You certainly need to be patience and have a plan.

The Long-Term Perspective That’s Going to Make You Succeed

First, a commitment like this needs at least one year. For some of you, it may be easier, but for most it will be tough. So, stay put and be persistent. I love the saying, no one promised it would be easy but it will be worth it.

Second, whether it’s an MLM or a brick and mortar, you’ll have to invest money to make money. The investment for MLM is a lot less but it is still an investment you must make.

Let’s say you selling health and wellness products via your MLM. To be able to sell, you must experience the products yourself. You must be a product of the product.  Otherwise, how are you going to know if they are good or the products actually work?

You achieve the “expert” level of knowledge only by doing. Not by simply reading or talking about it.

What are the Benefits You’ll Get from Being Part of an MLM?

Let’s take them one by one.

1) Extra Money

You will be able to make a few extra hundred bucks even from the first weeks. You will also help others to make money as well.  You may not become rich until 2 to 5 years later but you certainly can start to supplement your income early on.

2) Personal Development

You will learn how to better communicate your ideas, how to create and motivate a team, how to speak in front of your team and train them to sell the idea, service or product better. But, the most important skill you’ll develop is patience.

Even if you lack patience, you will develop it because your team will be there for you when your perspective will be focused on what’s happening right now, instead of looking into the future.

3) Extra Time

You will eventually be able to quit your job and to earn the same money or more by working for yourself vs a boss.

This will happen because there’s one important difference between an MLM and a normal company: the team you’re going to coordinate. The better you coordinate and train your team, the more income they will make and that income is going to be yours too.

Important Thing To Remember

Is that MLM is a business.  It takes works but the rewards are very much worth the effort.

MLM is not just for people that are unhappy with their jobs.  You could love your job, salary, and boss and still benefit from MLM.  You must think about the time freedom it could afford you.  Also, it’s great being the person that calls the shots.  You say when your work hours are and when you get a raise.  These are the things you cannot put a price on!

I hope that, by reading this article, your thoughts are a little bit clear about the MLM concept.

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